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Remodeling Your Home for Aging in Place

Remodeling your home for aging in place makes sense. As we age, it becomes more important to ensure our environments stay comfortable, functional, healthy, and safe. However, many older homes are not suited for aging in place. In fact, the largest barrier to aging in place is the design of the aging home.

To age in place successfully, you will need to modify your home as you mature. Therefore, universal design practices are vital to allowing you to stay in your home. Whether it be a home you have lived in for years or a newly purchased home.  A home suited for aging in place will add lasting value.

Design Improves Accessibility

Aging in place design improves accessibility throughout the home. Studies have shown that 1 in 4 homeowners are planning to renovate their home to accommodate the  changing physical needs of someone in the home or in anticipation of future needs. Design features to consider in your forward planning should include, a  bedroom suite home addition on the lower level of the home. In the bathroom install grab bars in the bathtub, shower, and the toilet at heights specific to your needs. In the kitchen always try to design L or U-shaped kitchens to allow for adequate floor and counter space for increase mobility.

Aging in place design features can be added to the whole house. An elevator or chair left makes the entire house easy to reach. Furthermore, a garage and elevator combo would be a convenience for transporting groceries.  Age-proofing a home as you age provides value for years to come.

Age in Place Smart Technologies

If you are looking to have a whole house remodel or add an addition to your home, now is a better time than ever to think about integrating smart technologies into your home.  In fact, not only does smart home technologies make your life easier.  It can also save you money on energy bills while giving you added security.

One of the most popular features to include in a smart home renovation is a smart thermostat. What is more, smart thermostats not only give you easier control over your home’s heating and cooling. This technology could come in handy when needing to adjust the temperature when away from home. Additionally, smart thermostats can learn to self-adjust helping you be more energy efficient.

Another popular smart home technology used in aging in place remodels is a smart garage door opener. Furthermore, this technology makes it easy to close a forgotten open door while you’re lying in bed or away visiting family. A smart garage door opener can also prevent theft due to someone leaving a garage door open overnight.

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By making your home accessible not only benefits you and your family as you progressively age. In addition, it helps those that suffer any temporary or long-term disabilities. As well as visitors to your home. Your home will enter the Accessible Home Market where there are very few competitors, giving your home a value boost over other homes in the area.

If you have questions about design features and current design trends in aging in place. Our home remodeling contractors will work with you to find the best solutions to make your home beautiful, functional, and energy-efficient. On the whole, we help you meet the needs of your family. If you’re located in Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Durham, Chapel Hill, or any of the surrounding NC areas let’s start the conversation contact us for a consultation


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